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Many of our clients hire temporary workers as their business gears up. The floral shops start hiring in November, the manufacturing companies gear up in the spring, and many others use temporary employees when someone gets promoted or resigns. In every situation you must be aware that there are now potential legal implications for temporary workers. The more control you have over the temporary worker the more co-employment responsibility you have.

This article details implications from the NLRB – National Labor Relations Board. A client with approximately 100 employees recently hired two temporary workers that were scheduled for full time hours. The temporary workers worked for the company for 65 days and one was to be flipped to an employee and the other was going to be released. The client was not aware that benefits had to be offered to an employee 60 days after full time employment.  We had to scramble to make the employee changes and gain benefits for the individual who was going to be retained. If you are going to hire temporary workers you must be mindful of these new issues.