On what most would consider mundane topics regarding important issues faced in the workplace, Glenna shines at delivering keynote presentations and workshops with dynamic style, enthusiasm, humor, real world business stories, andat timesa relevant song.

Speaking Topics

5 Reasons You Should Book Glenna For Your Event

She's The "Real Deal”

Glenna has held executive HR and training positions in world renowned brands and has “seen it all”. 

Attention Grabbing Stories

She shares real world examples and situations that her audience can relate and refer to in their everyday business and personal lives.

High Energy & Inspiring

She grabs your attention from the start, and stimulates the audience with music, style, humor, along with great, high value information.

Information With Impact

Every presentation includes practical tools that can be immediately applied to increase performance and productivity.


Every presentation is crafted for the audience and industry.

Speaking & Training Clients

Honestly, we didn’t expect the educational sessions to help us, but I dragged myself to… an HR program by Glenna Hecht. Guess what? That program may have saved my business. Glenna ignited the spark — she reminded me that this is my business and that I am in charge. She taught me that I should rehire employees every day and to create a code of honor for the company that requires dignity and respect from and for employees.

Heather Waits

Owner, Bloomtastic Flowers and Events, Column featured in Floral Management Magazine


Glenna has a wealth of executive industry experience in HR, Training and Development working with world renowned brands, such as: Starbucks, Marshall Field’s, and The Levy Restaurants at Walt Disney World.  Read More

Her energetic, authentic, down to earth style allows the audience to easily engage in the session and leaves them well informed, entertained, and able to immediately apply the information in their professional and personal lives.  She has presented to international, regional and local audiences from dozens to thousands in all types of businesses, associations, and not-for-profit organizations.  

Glenna is featured in the leading floral industry magazine, Floral Management Magazine, as their resident HR Guru offering guidance and solutions to real life concerns faced by growers, distributers and retailers. She has authored the book Profits from the Inside Out, that offers techniques for creating enthusiastic employees and lifetime customers.  She also authors the blog “What the Hecht?” that gives its readers great advice on real world leadership and human resource issues they face on a daily basis.

Training Topics & Outcomes

All topics can be conducted as a keynote or training workshop and customized to the business and industry.  Business leaders, managers, HR professionals and employees who want to advance their career would benefit from these topics.

Leadership TopicsHR Topics

Leadership Topics

From Fax to Facebook: Multiple Generations in the Workplace

Do you ever ask yourself “How do I talk to and interact with them?” Topic details

In this time of a multigenerational workplace, “them” is anyone who is not like us!! Participants will gain an understanding of the five generations in the workplace; characteristics of each generation; and leading, managing, communicating and selling to the generations.

Hiring for Results

You want to hire the best, but how do you do that? Topic details

This requires knowing up front if a candidate has the skills and abilities necessary to do the job and achieve results. Participants will learn how to analyze top performers and identify required skills; prepare for and conduct behavioral interviews; create competency based questions; conduct the interview; avoid common interview mistakes; and practice interviewing.

When Shift Happens: Progressive Coaching for Improved Results

What do you do when “shift happens” in the workplace and an employee’s performance changes. How do you deal with this issue? Topic details

Participants will learn what to do when employee performance changes; what is progressive coaching; the steps of progressive coaching; how to have a coaching conversation; and the five most common questions regarding employee performance and discipline.

Managing Upward: It’s Like a Marriage

One of the most important relationships is the boss/employee relationship, but how many of us actually proactively manage this relationship effectively? Topic details

Participants will gain an understanding of the stages of the supervisor/employee relationship; what you need to know about your manager to have the best relationship; types of managers and employees; communication skills and tips for managing upward.

Performance Management for Results

You have to give a performance review and you don’t know how to do it. What do you say? How do you set goals? What if you have to give tough feedback? Topic details

Participants gain an understanding of the perceptions and benefits of performance reviews; what is an effective evaluation; company process and forms; writing great content and commentary; and delivering impactful performance evaluations.

Change is a Constant; Are You Prepared?

How does your team respond to change? Topic details

Change is a constant and results depend on your people’s ability to be flexible and respond positively to the change. Participants gain an understanding of the stages of change; barriers to change; motivators and roadblocks to team performance; characteristics of a change agent; how to communicate change; and setting expectations.

Barely Managing Start Coaching

When more than one are gathered, you have a team. Now what do you do?! Topic details

Now you have to manage personalities and determine rules and roles for operating successfully for the best results. Participants will gain an overview of the types and dynamics of teams; roles on the team; components of team building to achieve the best results; structuring teams for maximum output; how to play well with others; team communications; and facilitating teamwork.

Hire Employees Every Day of Their Career – Employee Engagement

Now that you have hired a great employee, how do you engage and keep them? Topic details

Participants will gain an understanding of the levels of engagement, behavior of engaged employees, employee disengagement, the fiscal impact of engagement, the employee lifecycle, and techniques that impact employee engagement.

Organizational Savvy: The Art of Positive Politics

Does your organization have rules of engagement that impact relationships? Topic details

Couple this with personal motivators and you have a dynamic in a company that must be understood and managed. Participants gain an understanding of rules of organizational engagement; the nine political styles; political blind spots; the importance of emotional intelligence; and techniques for communicating and gaining influence.

Presentation Skills – Overcoming the #1 Fear!

OMG, I have to make a presentation…what do I do? Topic details

According to Psychology Today the #1 fear ahead of dying is public speaking because we fear public rejection. Participants will gain an understanding of presentation styles; how to structure and prepare a presentation; body language; how to command a room; and the use of visual aids. This workshop will provide an opportunity to create and practice presentations, and gather feedback and video for review.

Listen to Me! Communication in the Workplace

Do you ever feel like you are speaking a foreign language, that you are talking and the message is not getting through? Topic details

Participants will gain an understanding of four communication styles; characteristics of each communication style; and leading, managing, and selling to each style.

Using Your IQ to Increase Your EQ – Emotional Intelligence

Did you know that EQ may be more important than IQ? Topic details

Many experts believe that a person’s emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) may be more important than their IQ and is certainly a better predictor of success, quality of relationships, and overall happiness. Participants will gain an understanding of what is emotional intelligence; the impact and benefits on your personal and professional lives; emotional intelligence competencies and strategies; managing emotions; and developing EQ communication skills.

I was first introduced to Glenna when I began with Wingstop Restaurants in November, 2014. While Glenna was already working our training department providing franchise training, we utilized her services to kick start our enrichment program. I have found Glenna to be a down to earth true hospitality and HR professional. She communicates and presents in a direct fashion and has an ability to connect with any audience while maintaining a high level of engagement. I highly recommend her to any organization who seeks to raise the bar.

Kristin Nowak

Senior Director of Human Resources, Wingstop Restaurants

Human Resources Topics

It’s All about Respect

Do your employees know how to play well with others?  Topic details

Diversity in the workplace is a common theme. Harassment and bullying are on the rise. How can your organization change behavior and be protected from liability? Participants will learn what harassment is; types of harassment; differences in the workplace; the legal implications of harassment; what to do when you receive a complaint; and preventing harassment.

Would You Work For You?

Does your human resource value proposition retain current employees and attract potential employees? If not, what can you do about it? Topic details

Participants gain an understanding of the HR value proposition; assess their company strengths and opportunities; learn how to attract talent; and determine how to position their company and communicate their value.

HR Horror Stories

Did you know that there are three sides to every story; yours, mine and the TRUTH? Topic details

Participants will learn how to gain context when faced with an HR horror story and will analyze situations that are “not what they appear”!

I Hate HR… but I gotta do it anyway!

Do your managers and supervisors understand the basics of human resources to do their job and protect the employees and the company? Topic details

Participants will gain an overview of the employee lifecycle; laws that apply to businesses with one employee, the required form that caused an employer with 167 employees to pay a $537,000 fine, and answers to their questions regarding human resources.

Glenna has provided educational services for Beacon Training for the past several years in the areas of HR and Professional Development to a variety of industries. She is my go to person for HR related topics and issues, and is always frank, honest and forthright.  I saw a different side to her recently when she did a keynote speech on Generational Differences. She was creative with the information, interesting, entertaining, AND spoke in a way that you remembered the main points of the speech, which is hard to do. She is also an excellent singer and I truly hope she incorporates that talent into her speeches in the future, which creates a bird of an entirely different feather… like a peacock… highly recommend her in the future for keynotes.

Diana Stein

CEO, Beacon Training Services, Inc.

Booking Glenna

For more information on booking Glenna Hecht to speak to your organization or association, please submit a Contact Form, or call us at 855-447-4111.

The Process

Glenna conducts pre-event interviews to ensure the presentation surpasses the goals and objectives desired. She methodically crafts her presentations with relevant, real-time content to include scenarios relevant to your industry and company. She typically books engagements 3-12 months in advance and will make every effort to accommodate and work within your budget.

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“She is just the best!!!!!!” “Really loved how the speaker interacted with the crowd. She was very confident in her knowledge and presentation was good.”

“Love it; thought provoking…could do this all day long.”

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You want to “hire the best”, but how do you do that?
Hiring for Results – October 4, 2016 Dallas, Texas

When more than one are gathered, you have a team. Now what do you do?!
Barely Managing Start Coaching – October 25, 2016 Dallas, Texas

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Glenna developed and led a hiring and management training session for Redi Carpet’s Managers that was incredibly insightful. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Furthermore, the value of what everyone received from this one-day training was extraordinary. It’s rare to attend a session where you feel empowered, motivated and inspired to take action, and that is exactly what we all experienced with Glenna!

David Guzman

Operations Manager, Redi Carpet