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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all services performed or products supplied by Humanistic Consulting LLC and any of its employees and contractors. By purchasing a product through Humanistic Consulting website, you are agreeing to these terms.

Term – You may avail yourself of the one-on-one consultative services for one year from date of purchase. You may use the consultative services in increments of less than one hour increments (but not less than 15 minute increments per consultation). Consultative time outside of hours purchased through the initial agreement will be charged at the Company’s standard rate or as otherwise agreed to by the parties. Consultative time includes both research and conversations and your right to consultative time allotted will expire one year from date of purchase. You will be purchasing one license to utilize materials, product and services per purchase.

Payment – In the event you engage Company to provide the services on the Shop Page of the Glennahecht.com website, the company shall have the right to charge your credit card for product and services.

Indemnification (Hold harmless); Warranty – To the fullest extent permitted by law, you shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its agents, contractor and/or employees from and against any and all claims damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, arising out of or resulting from the performance of the Services. You acknowledge this indemnity is reasonable and appropriate considering the complex nature of the Services. The Company strives to provide the most accurate information possible, but the area of human resources is governed by numerous federal and state laws. Accordingly, no warranty of complete accuracy can be provided to you. Humanistic Consulting LLC is not responsible for any changes or modifications you make to the product purchased and stored in the glennahecht.com website database after the date of purchase.

Limitation or liability – Company’s total liability to you or any third party for actual damages for any cause whatsoever arising from any or relating to the Services will be limited to Ten and No/00 U.S. dollars ($10.00).

Governing Law; Venue – These terns shall be construed and enforced under and in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, without regarding to conflicts of laws principles. The language in these Terms shall be interpreted as to its fair meaning and not strictly for or against any party. The parties agree that exclusive venue for any suit arising hereunder shall be Dallas County, Texas, and the parties consent irrevocably to the personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located therein.

Entire Agreement; Amendment 0 These Terms constitute the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes any prior understanding or written or oral agreements between the parties respecting the subject matter, including but not limited to any representations made in any presentation or proposal submitted or provided prior to the date on which this invoice and payment is executed by you. Except as otherwise expressly referenced herein, there are no other understanding or agreements between the parties regarding this subject matter. These Terms may not be amended or modified except by a written instrument executed by Company’s authorized representatives.

Survival– Except as otherwise expressly provided in these Terms, each of the representations and warranties of the parties contained in these Terms, or in any certificate, document, class or other instrument furnished or to be furnished under these Terms, and any action arising out of any thereof, including without limitation any cause of action for failure of any such representation to be true when made or as of the date on which this invoice/payment is executed by you, and the parties; covenants, agreements and obligation set forth in these Terms, shall survive in perpetuity beyond such date.