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To all who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, you are in my prayers.

To the friends and clients in Houston who are in my life, you are in my thoughts.

This is the first time in seven years I have not written a blog post for “What the Hecht”? Next week you will hear from me, but today we need to focus on coming together with compassion, love and support for those who will try to rebuild their life and move forward.

In 2005 my house burned down! I lost my possessions, pictures, and memorabilia. Many people said “It must have been devastating to lose everything”. I replied, “The memories live in your heart, you never lose those!” During that time I experienced grace that is hard to describe and kindness that I could never have imagined. Strangers placed cards in my mailbox, clothing on my doorstep, and gave me words of encouragement when I needed it. There is “The Other Side”. It is hard to see when you are faced with sadness, but it does come and the stepping stones are the amazing people who are kind, generous, and caring and desire nothing in return.

For all affected by this tragedy, you are in my heart. I grieve for your loss and am hopeful, joyous and thankful that you are safe and secure.

With love in my heart.

Glenna Hecht