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relationships in the workplaceYou spend more time at work than you do at home! That may be true but that does not give license to use your work environment as the social outlet, MATCH.com or the company version of Tinder. Romance in the workplace rarely ends in a positive manner. Recently the CEO of Priceline resigned after an investigation disclosed that he had a relationship with an employee. This only goes to show no one in a company is immune and the board of directors determined this behavior was not appropriate executive conduct.

Is dating in the workplace going to occur? Yes, approximately 24% of employees polled say that they have been involved in a workplace relationship . Can you put guidelines in place to help prevent and deal with this when it happens? Yes, 54% of companies in the same poll stated that they had a policy detailing what to do when you find yourself in a workplace relationship.

We have developed non fraternization policies for many companies and typically these forbid supervisors/subordinates or those in the same department/team from a dating relationship. Should this occur the individuals involved are required to bring this to the attention of their supervisor and a transfer may be in order, if applicable.

Be proactive, put a policy in place! We spend a lot of time with our coworkers and often what starts as team mates can take a more serious turn.

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