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Writing is my passion, but I don’t know HOW to write. Never had a coach, never took a course, never learned the mechanics of sentence structure. Instead of starting with kindergarten block letters written with a fat pencil, I jumped to think, put it on paper and publish. Back to square one, time to join a writing course to learn, improve, and evolve.

During the first session the leader, a New York times bestselling author said, “You will have homework, whether you do it is up to you. In this course, you must ‘sit in the chair’ one hour each day and write! Fifty percent of the group will do the work, and fifty percent will not. There is no right or wrong, you choose! The fifty percent who do not do the homework may view it as a ‘have to,’ instead, view it as a ‘get to.’  Every day you get to live your passion, you get to write.”

Sound like New Years resolutions? Ready, set, go…get bored, judge, stop.

That reframe changed my perspective, and my life. The homework shifted from task to gift, scribbling thoughts and ideas on paper from work to desire.

The simple words “get to” have been on rewind, playing repeatedly in my head.

  • I “get to” work out and be healthy.
  • I “get to” walk my dog that I adore.
  • I “get to” plant a garden and eat the fruits of my labor.
  • I “get to” serve a customer to impact their business and my life.
  • I “get to” … fill in the blank.

The words I “have to” sound like punishment…you made me, I don’t have a choice, I don’t want to. That may be true, but if you shift your focus and instead use the phrase “get to” you now have control over your decisions and can approach the task with a positive mindset.

A leader recently said “I have to train my employees on basic tasks to ensure consistency, service, and productivity. It feels draining. I don’t have the time and may hire someone to help, what do you think?”

Now I “get to” share my insight, “You recently inherited a business. You ‘get to’ share your wisdom and experience to lead your employees and impact customers. What a gift! Can you describe the tasks you want to train?”

He replied, “Of course!”

“OK, grab your phone and pretend you are showing me how to enter a customer order, then press record. Now you have training you can use to instruct your team. You may need to edit, but it is almost complete!”

“I can’t wait to do this; I could take one day and record all the training!”

Moments before he was dreading the project, now he was full of excitement to move forward and “get going.”

“WHOA, slow down! Let’s set a smaller realistic goal and celebrate the win! If you overpromise and underdeliver, you will feel defeated, then it becomes a “have to.” That is when people give up and quit!”

“You’re right. Three recordings by next week.” He recorded one, had a realistic view of the finish line, and was excited to create more. We celebrated as though he had won an Academy Award.

What do you “get to” do that you view as a “have to” do?

Make a list of your “have to” tasks or “to-do’s.” Substitute the words “get to” and experience the difference. This simple shift feels expansive and ignites possibility. You “get to” be a leader, to train, coach and motivate people to achieve their potential.

Tasks become gifts and work becomes desire. “Get to” it!

Begin your day with an “I get to” mentality instead of a “I have to” thought process…I get to work. I get to have a busy day. Whatever it may be. We often dress our opportunities as stress, but they are in fact blessings. The MindsJournal